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"Busque a Dios y no lo encontre, me busque a mi y tampoco me encontre, busque al semejante y encontre a los tres... "

"I looked for God and couldn't find him, I looked for myself and couldn't find me, I looked for my fellowmen and i found the three of them..."




Dr. Leonel Ayala











The best way to introduce Dr. Ayala would be only by your self. There is no other way to get to know him better than really listening to his words and try to follow by your own self.

Dr. Ayala as mentioned before is the founder of a big group of people around the world. This group has many things in particular. It was based on a dream that was perceibed by its founder. Now it is a reality in many countries of the world. "The Groups of Psychotherapy from Dr. Ayala " (G.S.A.) are there for people who want to be around other people, for people who need to interact with other types of human beings without the need of agression and hathred. This is a group of friends that is there for everyone any race, any language. All needed is just the hopes of a human being to be better on life and the need to have friends that can really be true to you...

The Creation of G.S.A.

Dr. Ayala was a member of the association of Alcoholics Anonimous (A.A.) He made a big change in that association in the country of El Salvador the country that he was born. For many reasons Dr. Ayala was a main source of help for this organization that its origins are in New York, founded by Dr. Bill W and Dr. Smith in 1935. That current year was the same year that Dr. Ayala was born in El Salvador. Dr. Ayala founded many groups of A.A. taking A.A. to may rural areas of El Salvador giving many alcoholic man the hopes of a new begining on their lifes.

After a few years in A.A. Dr. Ayala noticed some disadvantages that were making it hard for the alcoholics to recover. He kept on working hard for A.A. till one day he was getting off work from the hospital San Juan De Dios in El Salvador, and on the way to the parking lot where his car was a tall man came up to him and and crying he said:

-Dr. Ayala, I've been going to a lot of A.A. meetings, I am a chronic alcoholic that needs to recover, but it seems hard for me to recover, I feel that going to the groups of A.A. I come out worst than how i was before. Dr. Ayala am I not a son of God? Please Dr. Ayala make a group of your own, so you can build it with your guideness...

When Dr. Ayala heard that man cry the way he was crying he felt what the man was feeling. When he returned to his car he stopped and think about what the man said. That was when he decided to make a new group which was called "Alcoholics Anonimous from Dr. Ayala" (A.A.A.) Little by little Dr. Ayala builded with love and perceverance a big group of people working together. A.A.A. was born on the year of 1967. Now on the year 2000 the name of A.A.A. is no longer used, now the name of this group is G.S.A.that is becouse all kinds of people can join our group, anyone that feels like joining can join this group of friends that have their doors open for the day on which you decide to come...


If y ou would want more information about our group you can contact me at:

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La mejor manera de conocer a el Dr. Ayala seria solamente por usted mismo. No hay otra manera de conocerle mjor que realmente escuchando sus palabras y tratar de seguirle por usted mismo.

El Dr. Ayala como lo mensionamos antes es el fundador de Los Grupos de Sicoterapia de la Linea del Dr. Ayala, G.S.A. Estos grupos son para personas que quieran llegar a tener mas amigos y verdaderas personas con quien compartir momentos agradables o no agradables de nuestras vidas. Estos grupos son para cualquier persona en el mundo, cualquier lenguage y rasa. Solo necesita el deseo de ser mejor en la vida y conocer muchos amigos los cuales pueden ser verdaderos amigos...

La Creacion de G.S.A.

El Dr. Ayala era miembro de los grupos de Alcoholicos Anonimos (A.A.) El fue el creador de muchos acontesimientos que llevaron mucho exito para que A.A. existiera en el paiz de El Salvador. Paiz de donde el Dr. Ayala es originario. Esta organisacion fundada por los doctores Bill W. y Smith fueron impulsados en gran parte por la presencia de el Dr. Ayala en El Salvador, llevando el mensaje de A.A. a sonas rurales de El Salvador entregando a muchos hombres alcoholicos esperanzas para disfrutar de una vida nueva.

Despues de algun tiempo en A.A. El Dr. Ayala se dio cuanta de muchas desventajas que detenian la recuperacion de el alcoholico en estos grupos. El continuo travajando con A.A. hasta que un dia al salir de su travajo en el hospital San Juan de Dios en El Salvador, un hombre intrrumpio su camino para decirle llorando:

Doctor e estado ihiendo a las reuniones de A.A. Usted sabe la clase de alcoholico que soy. Y siento que si voy salgo mucho mas mal que cuando dentro. Que no soy hijo de Dios? por favor Doctor le pido que haga un grupo nuevo y lo construya con su guia...

Cuando el Dr. Ayala regreso a su carro el penso como ese hombre se habia hacercado a el llorando y fue entonces cuando nacio la expresion: "Basta Ya". Fue entonces cuando el decidio fundar un grupo nuevo el cual llevo el nombre de Alcoholicos Anonimos de la Linea del Dr. Ayala, A.A.A. en 1967. Despues de evolucionar grandemente este grupo alcanso el 2000 y su nombre a cambiado a Los Grupos de Sicoterapia de la Linea del Dr. Ayala, G.S.A. Eso es porque el nombre de A.A. no puede ser mas para este grupo ya que ahora es algo que va mas alla de la recuperacion de un alcoholico. Va hacia la inter relacion entre humanos y el conocimiento interno de todos nosotros. Es por eso que cualquier persona puede llegar a estos grupos con libertad, no importa edad, sexo o cultura. Simplemente necesita manifestar su deseo...


Si usted quiere mas informacion hacerca de estos grupos por favor contacteme a :

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